Welcome to CDP's 2nd Hackathon on Devpost!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have participated in a CDP Climate hackathon in 2020, you will be ineligible to participate in this event.

CDP is a global environmental impact non-profit working to secure a thriving economy that works for people and the planet.

We focus investors, companies and cities on taking urgent action to build a truly sustainable economy by measuring and understanding their environmental impact. 

IMPORTANT: You must complete the hackathon registration and data release here to participate

The hackathon will run from Tuesday September 8th at 12:00 pm ET through Tuesday, September 15th at 12:00 pm ET. Participants will choose one of the two challenges outlined below – more detail on the challenges can be found in the overview deck.

Key details and resources:

  • Slack community: Troubleshoot your challenges with the hackathon community via Slack. Join our community here.
  • Data access on Github: Upon completing the participant agreement and providing a Github handle, you will receive an email granting you access to a private CDP Hackathon repository with the CDP data. Please accept the invitation and follow the link to the CDP Hackathon repository.
  • FAQ: Check out our FAQ page for common questions about this hackathon. If you have a question, first search the FAQ site linked in the #faq channel on Slack. If you can’t find an answer, drop your question in the #faq channel and the hackathon support team will address it. We will be checking for new questions daily once the hackathon begins.


This online event is open to participants in all countries (must be over 18 years in age).
Individuals and teams of up to 5 may participate.


Participants will select 1 of 3 climate challenges for their submission.
Submissions must include the following assets:

  • 2 minute video explaining your solution
  • 5 slide (max) presentation deck
  • Code submission via Github

You may submit your code to the competition’s Github repository. Participants will gain access to the repo once they have completed the participant agreement. 

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$4,500 in prizes

Challenge 1: City-Business Collaboration

To identify opportunities for companies and cities to collaborate on sustainability solutions, we need to first understand how the data they each report is aligned or divergent by using data science and text analytics techniques.

1. Utilize data science and text analytics techniques to improve readability of the data.

2. Visualize shared sentiment between cities and companies on specific topics (such as clean energy, sustainable buildings, clean transport, waste and circular economy).

3. Create a KPI model that measures the propensity of cities to collaborate with companies. Provide the justification of your weights and indicators.

[See the Hackathon Overview Deck linked above for more information on the challenges.]

Challenge 2: Water Security/Climate Risk

To help companies and cities fully understand their current water security and future climate risks, we must first inspect the valuable free text data collected via CDP disclosures. This data in its qualitative state is difficult to compare at scale but needs to be compared and assessed with companies’ and cities’ peers, suppliers, and neighbors to address water and climate risk challenges.

1. Utilize a subset of freeform response features to inspect from the water security and/or climate risk responses.

2. Apply your choice of NLP application (Sentiment Analysis, Classification, Question Answering, etc.) to the subset of data you chose. Explain the metrics you used to benchmark the success of your algorithm.

3. Visualize your data set by combining it with third party geospatial data and applying graph analytics to establish risk patterns.

[For inspiration review the CDP 2018 Global Water Report here: https://www.cdp.net/en/research/global-reports/global-water-report-2018]

[See the Hackathon Overview Deck linked above for more information on the challenges.]

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Laura Parry

Laura Parry

Laureen Missaire

Laureen Missaire

Stylianos Taxidis

Stylianos Taxidis

Callum Richards

Callum Richards

Rebecca Shannon

Judy Howarth

Judy Howarth

Judging Criteria

  • Use of CDP and external data
    Does your team utilize the CDP data provided in combination with external data sources?
  • Outcome
    Does your team have a clear understanding of the challenge? Do you address the challenge prompt?
  • Feasibility of idea
    Can your solution viably be implemented and sustained in the real world?
  • Innovation
    Are you thinking outside of the box? Does the solution implement trends and best practice from other innovative areas?
  • Technical explanation
    Each challenge asks teams to explain their technical decisions (i.e. Justify weights, explain assumptions, etc). Are clear justifications or explanations provided?

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